Frequently Asked Questions

What type of glue is used in latex mattresses? Is it toxic?

Water based glues are normally used and are not toxic.

Can I use my current bed foundation for my new latex mattress?

Usually an older box spring with actual springs will not give the uniform support needed for latex. Solid foundation or a slatted foundation is the best.

What causes the smell of latex? Does it go away?

The smell is very faint and will go away.

Why have I heard that blended latex is the best latex to buy?

Blended has the strength of synthetic combined with the elasticicity of natural, and is the most consistant throughout the entire latex core.

What is 100% latex?

100% latex can be either all synthetic or all natural. Most often the term is used to refer to all natural latex.

How many kinds of latex are there?

There is all natural latex, all synthetic latex, and blends of the two in between.

What is a latex mattress? Why does it make a good mattress?

It is a mattress made entirely out of latex rubber, either natural or synthetic.

Why do I wake up at night feeling numbness or tingling?

You are experiencing pressure points from your mattress against different parts of your body and it’s interfering with your circulation.

How long between placing my order and receiving delivery?

Your order ships with UPS within 48 hours and takes an average of 5-7 business days, depending on your location. All mattresses are produced in our Phoenix, Az factory.

Why do you offer the best prices on latex mattresses?

The very simple answer is our prices are lower than most because we are the “manufacturer” and you are not paying for all the middle-man markups. We perform the manufacturing tasks in-house instead of farming them out as the majority of internet sellers.